Termite Control

A danger may be present in your home or office. Deep within the wood beams and walls that support your structure is a threat that can go undetected for years until the damage creates sagging, holes, or collapse. In the wild these insects help turn dead trees into humus which is rich in nutrients that enriches the soil. But in your home, they are a destroyer. This small pest is the termite and the damage from an infestation can cost on average $8,000.

There are three types of termites to worry about in the United States.

  • Subterranean – these are the most common in the United States and build their colonies underground and push mounds above ground allowing a supply line from structure to nest. These termites require contact with soil for the moisture. Not only do these insects feed on wood, but books and paper as well.
  • Drywood – these build colonies above ground
  • Dampwood – of the three types, this termite is the largest and requires damp and decaying wood to live. These live in high humidity areas to survive.

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