Your infestation has met its match with Pro-Tex Pest Management.  Have a problem at your house, ranch, hunting cabin, school, or office?  Call (361) 296-3121 today for an estimate by our experienced team.

Pro-Tex Pest Management

Founded in 2012 and with over 35 years combined experience in pest control services, we are a leader in South Texas. We know your "rodent", "critter", varmint", "bug", "insect", or "pest" problem well. Not only will we remove them safely, but keep them from coming back. We serve Kingsville, Riviera, Sarita, Hebbronville, Falfurrias, Premont, Bishop, Driscoll, Alice, Sandia, Three Rivers, George West, Sinton, Corpus Christi, Beeville, Brownsville, Port Mansfield and all cities in between. Our specialties are homes, ranches, offices, schools, commercial buildings and hunting camps by getting rid of the pest without the danger of the chemicals. Contact Pro-Tex Pest Management today for bee, termite, ant, roach, snake, rat, bat, etc. removal.

For Home Residential

Have an unwanted insect or rodent occupying your home, ranch or hunting camp? Is your outside vegetation being taken over by pests? Not only does the risk of disease occur if these pests are not removed, but it makes you not want to be at home. Learn how we can best remedy your issues and keep your residence pest free with scheduled services.


For Commercial

Unwanted pests are not only disgusting, but they are embarrassing to you when discovered by customers. Pests can lead to closure of your business due to health violations. Trust in Pro-Tex Pest Management for your restaurant, school, hospital, or office. We can perform emergency services for infestations or schedule routine services monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.